Available Resources

National Survey Data

One can request the datasets of complete and ongoing national-level surveys of Bangladesh containing monitoring and impact evaluation indicators here.

National Survey Reports

Nationally representative health reports of Bangladesh that provide information on specific indicators of the country are ready to download.

Important Government Health Related Documents

Major health related governmental documents including the sector programs, health strategy documents, operating procedures by the Bangladesh government are available.

Other Important Reports

Various health economy related documents, analysis reports, frameworks for sustainable development goals etc. of Bangladesh are in this section.

UHC Related Journal Articles

Universal Health Coverage (UHC) related research and journal articles which has taken place in Bangladesh are available.


A growing series of books on various topics, such as - epidemiology, biostatistics, sampling technique, etc. to aid the capacity strengthening for the users.

Stat Reader Presentations

A special capacity building project of the Maternal and Child Health Division (MCHD), icddr,b titled as “Stat Readers” under the support of RDM activity offers knowledge sharing sessions among scientists, researches, and statisticians inside and outside of the Maternal and Child Health Division (MCHD), icddr,b. The presentations of the sessions are available.