About Us

The USAID’s Research for Decision Makers (RDM) Activity is a five year implementation research project, implemented by icddr,b, under cooperative agreement# AID-388-A-17-00006. The RDM Activity was launched on May 18, 2017 to increase the use of evidence-based research and policy analysis for health planning and decision making to support the effective implementation of the 4th Health, Population and Nutrition Sector Program (HPNSP) 2017-22, with an ultimate goal to improve the health status of the Bangladeshi population.

Thematic Areas

The RDM Activity has identified four priority thematic areas of intervention:

  1. Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health (MNCH);
  2. Family Planning and Reproductive Health (FP-RH);
  3. Tuberculosis (TB);
  4. Nutrition

In addition, Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) are included as cross cutting issues.

Intermediate Results Areas

  1. Research findings disseminated with clear policy and program guidance;
  2. Evidence-based programming promoted through policy dialogue and advisory services with GOB and other stakeholders;
  3. Local capacity strengthened to design, manage and use implementation research.