Short Course on Implementation Research

The RDM Activity seeks to create an enabling environment for the utilization of research-based evidence to deliver high impact interventions. To serve this purpose, the RDM Activity team is building the capacity of policymakers, health program managers/health service providers in implementation research (IR), and data interpretation to provide hands-on experience and foster a culture of research, and use of evidence in health planning and decision-making.

To ensure that evidence generated through research is truly translated into action, it is important to enhance competencies of health program managers, primarily responsible for providing quality services by identifying problems and solutions and connecting the research, policy, and practice arenas. To this end, RDM is designing and developing a special ‘Short Course on Implementation Research’ to be offered to government health program managers, policymakers, NGO program implementers to enhance their capacity in generating evidence and making evidence-based decisions in program planning. The activity is expected to be completed by September 2021.