Long-acting reversible contraceptives and permanent methods (LARC and PM): Important programmatic point in the management of NCD among women

Combined oral contraceptives (COC) are the most commonly used Family Planning (FP) method in Bangladesh. Many (COC) users do not have their BP screened in the current (FP) program. It remains unclear whether women know that they cannot use (COC) if they are hypertensive.

Awareness about the guidelines and possible health consequences might lead women to consider alternative FP methods, many of which are more effective than (COC)s. The public health history of Bangladesh illustrates the power of community awareness in improving health and FP behavior. Therefore, the government and non- government programs and related mass media could help build awareness regarding (COC) use for hypertensive women.

We recommend BP screening of (COC) users. Government and NGO facilities can start it immediately, which covers 20% users (government, 17% and NGOs, 3%); pharmacies/drugstores can initiate BP screening by their trained pharmacists, which covers 55% users; and FP fieldworkers (whose share is 22%) need training on BP measurement, for which the government arranges a short training activity. Implementation research can identify affordable and effective modalities of BP screening of pill users.

Use of Combined Oral Contraceptive Pills among Women with Elevated Blood Pressure in Bangladesh